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Simplelocker Cleaner

Simplelocker Cleaner

  • Version: 1.1.0
  • Category:Tools
  • Size:619kMB
  • Last Updated: 2014-06-22
  • OS Require: 2.2 and up
  • Reviews: 30,285

Description of Simplelocker Cleaner

Simplelocker is a virus that can lock your device and then encrypt the files stored on your phone, including photos, videos and documents. It then demands a ransom fee before your files can be decrypted and used again. Once infected, your phone and the files in it will be completely unusable, and removal is quite difficult.
CM Simplelocker Cleaner performs a full scan of your device, and if the CryptoLocker virus is found, it uses a special patent-pending anti-hijack solution to remove the virus.
If your device has been infected, it will be useless until it is fixed. You must use a different uninfected device to carry out the following steps:
Find another working device such as a PC, Mac, phone or tablet.
Open the web browser and log in to Google Play ( with your Google account. The account has to be the same as the account used on the infected phone.
On the Google Play website, search for CM Simplelocker Cleaner or directly open
Click “Install” and make sure the target device is your infected device.
Once installation is completed, open the infected device and press the “Home” key to return to the home screen.
Quickly find and run the CM Simplelocker Cleaner app. You may need to return to step 5 if the virus interferes with you here.
CM Simplelocker Cleaner will provide further instructions for how to finish removing the virus.
CM Security and Clean Master provide complete and total protection against becoming infected by the Simplelocker virus, but this app is designed to be used by those who have already been infected and did not have Clean Master or CM Security installed. In this case, you still need CM Simplelocker Cleaner to help you access your encrypted phone and files.
Ranked #1 by AV-TEST again!
Highest rating (4.7) among all antivirus apps!
Over 10,000,000 downloads!
Beautiful and safe app lock
English, Russian.